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Northwest Sportsmans Club

What's New?
Board of Directors Link
Club Recognition Link
2016 Hunter Education Link Registration for Session #3 is Sunday June 26th at 10:00pm PST

Our recent election ballots are in and here are the results:

President: Nate Perrenoud
First Vice President: Jerry Yamada
Second Vice President: Roy Jennings
Secretary: Theresa Belknap
Treasurer: Angela Perrenoud

Board of Directors 2016-2019
John Belknap
Cody Hoseth
Gary Varella
Alternate: Wade Lawson

Board of Directors 2015- 2018
Cathy Barron
Jamie Belknap

Board of Directors 2014-2017
Jerry Barron
Dawn Yamada
Chance Hughs

Our friends from the First Hunt Foundation based out of Kamiah Idaho shared this article that was recently published in the Clearwater Progress on June 16, 2016.

Hunter Education Class session #2

Text and Image (A)

Greetings from the Greater Spokane Area,

My name is Jamie Belknap and I am 23 years old. I am a recent graduate from Eastern Washington University with a major in Early Childhood Education.

Earlier in the year, we started a campaign to raise funds for a "Track -Chair" for a Disabled Sportsman. We now have the funds to give one away---- we are looking for a recipient. Below is the committee's original letter. Please go to our "Action Track -Chair" Link for more information on how you can receive our free chair! We need applicants, we now have the funds and really want to change the life of a disabled sportsman.

I am writing to you today representing the Northwest Sportsman’s Club where I am a current board member.
The reason for this letter is to invite you to participate in a new campaign that we are passionate about. It involves the purchase of an “Action trackchair”. These chairs are designed to help the disabled to be enabled.

My family has been involved in outdoor non-profit groups all of my life. Various groups such as Safari Club International, Mule Deer Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Dallas Safari Club to name a few. Because of my family’s passion for the outdoors as well as my age, I have been exposed to a lot of hunters and recreational activities involving the Pacific Northwest where I was raised.

It has been my observation that there is a group of “Forgotten Citizens”. They are too young to be Veterans, too old to be minors. They are in a unique group of citizens that do not qualify for federal assistance --- they are the injured young adults. Age 18 -35 men or woman that have sports injuries, swimming or automobile accidents that are no longer able to enjoy the outdoors because their bodies won’t let them. Spinal cord injuries that have caused partial or full paralysis. These are the young athletes that were out doors with their buddies at one time doing what most of us take for granted and now can’t even get on a dock to watch fishing as their current wheelchairs do limit their mobility.

We are beginning this campaign with the hope that if we can get 30 major donors to contribute even $500.00 each, the Northwest Sportsman’s Club would begin the selection process of giving a young adult a chair that will change his or her life. At our annual NWSC Disabled Shoot that we sponsor every year, two of our participants were using their Action Trackchairs. One of our younger participants had the privilege of getting on one and took it for a 20 minute ride. He was visibly weeping when he got out of the chair. He said he felt Freedom! Hadn’t had that feeling in over 13 years.

We are excited about this campaign, it is our hope that at our annual fundraiser January 23, 2016 we will be able to share our success of this “Ground Breaking Campaign” that no other non- profit in the Spokane area has attempted to do. If this is a success, it is our goal to give a chair every year to a disabled “Forgotten Citizen”.

The fellow board members that are on this committee will be getting the selection details summarized. If that information is important to you, we would be happy to share our developments with you. The closest retailer of these chairs is in Vancouver, WA. The estimate for a custom Action Trackchair is approximately $15,000.

We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, I can be reached at belknapj47@gmail.com or the club email is nw.sc@live.com.
Thank you,

Jamie Belknap
Representing the Northwest Sportsman’s Club Action Track chair Committee
17212 E 32 nd
Greenacres, WA 99016

track chair application form.pdf - (Portable Document File) Download: track chair application form.pdf 251.92 KB

   Mission Statement  

This club is primarily a Volunteer Social Club created for and by our friends to preserve our outdoor interests. We will pursue conservation of our environment and the wildlife in it. We will educate in the fields of Conservation, Shooting, Hunting and Related Outdoor Activities. With funds and volunteer work we will support various Environmental, Educational and Charitable groups. This group will always keep in mind that we are all friends that will work hard to perpetuate the things we love to do.

Proudly Representing the Greater Pacific Northwest

Welcome to the Northwest Sportsmans Club Website. This group of avid hunters and outdoorsmen are eager to share our stories and news with you. By joining our club, you are joining a group of people that are committed to the preservation of wildlife worldwide.

Our club is made up of many young families, wives and children that undertake many projects in our region to educate youth and enhance wildlife habitat. We also enjoy each other�s company and conduct many functions that are purely fun.

We invite you to become involved with our many projects. Our group meets once a month to discuss upcoming events, projects, and just get together to share our hunting experiences. Please look through our current events and find something that interests you.

Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Sportsmans Club.

Northwest Sportsmans Club
9717 E Sprague Ave Spokane Valley, WA 99206

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